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Reuse 80% of compressed air, reduce noise and save on costs.

Stop losing 80% of your compressed air.

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Compressed air in a filled truck tire contains a lot of energy. When a tire mechanic empties such a tire, a lot of this energy gets lost. (Re)filling a tire is done with new compressed air. This means most of the compressed air you produce only gets used once.

After two years of design, development and testing we feel extremely confident that we have a product that not only solves this issue, but makes life easier for mechanics, while having a more positive impact on the environment.

Drastically reduce noise in the workplace

Releasing compressed air out in the open creates a lot of noise. In order to prevent hearing damage mechanics have to wear hearing protection. The PTI connects directly to the tire resulting in a lot less noise generated by the release of the compressed air.

Efficiency like never seen before

Because of the intelligently coupled booster system inside the PTI you can store up to 80% of the compressed air released from tires. This compressed air can then be utilized for filling other tires, or driving air-pressure-driven tools.

Speed up your workflow, 7.5x

Traditional methods of emptying truck tires can leave you waiting for approximitely 5 minutes. Using the PTI results in a much faster drainage of 40 seconds.

Up to

60 db

Less noise on the workfloor
Up to


Less dust


Of your compressed air
Up to

40 cents

Cost reduction per tyre

Ease of use

Designed for a zero learning curve


The mechanic connects the PTI to the desired tire which starts the air-draining-process automatically. All while producing less then 50db of noise.


The compressed air collected by the PTI is stored in the recycle container where the air gets filtered and stored for reusing it at a later moment


80% of the original compressed air inside the tire is now ready to be used again for filling tires or driving air pressured tools.

Our Impact

Creating better workplaces
for a better environment.

The PTI helps your business have a more positive impact on the environment as soon as you start using it. Producing less dust and reducing your energy bill with every tire you connect to it.

Don’t just take our word for it

Let our customers do the talking

“The PTI works like a charm and is very easy to use. It baffles me that something so useful hasn’t been developed earlier. ‘My colleague’s in the workplace love it’. Since installing the PTI we have a lot less dust in the workplace. This doesn’t only make cleaning a lot easier, it’s also a lot healthier. I don’t think we could go back to working without the PTI.”

Arian Nout
Owner of ‘Profile Geldermalsen’

“We’ve been using the PTI for a couple of weeks now. The staff is extremely happy with the comfort it provides them in their daily work. We’ve already ordered a second PTI for our other location!”

Henk Boonstra
Manager bij ‘Pouw Banden Nieuwegein’
Watch a video of one of our customers

Healthier for you and for the environment

Healthy for you

With less noise and dust in the workplace your mechanics will love the PTI.


Because of the gained efficiency the PTI helps you have a positive impact on the environment.


The PTI improves the air quality by producing less dust, impacting vegitation, animals and breathing quality.

Less noise on the workfloor
Saves you up to 40 cents per tire
Reduces dust
No learning curve for your workers
More environment-friendly
Reuse 80% of your compressed air

The PTI pays for itself. Because of all the savings on energy and air compressor usage our customers generally break even on their purchase within 3.5 years.

A Simple Process

Delivery & Installation

2 days

1. Place Order

Place your order by reaching out to us via email: info@pti-innovations.com. We will respond to you via email with a fitted pricing offer for your workplace.

12 days

2. Location Intake

Our team will do an intake of your workplace, taking images and measurements in order to make final calculations on where and how to install the PTI.

14 days

3. Delivery & Setup

Our team returns with the PTI, installing it and the necessary pipework. This takes approximately one day to complete.

Partners we are proud of

The PTI is produced in-house and installed by our own team to make sure your business doesn't experience any bumps in your transfer. Click here to get our price list.

Or download our flyer for more information here.


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